Professional Screen Cast - Assistant/Consultant Wanted

Professional Screen Cast - Assistant/Consultant Wanted


Job Description

For a client project we need to produce a professional screen cast of showing how some websites work, and intermixing that with the content of some powerpoint slides.
We are providing all of the content, moreover we will also personally do the video production and cutting.

We are looking for an experienced screencast maker and producer, that would be available daily to give some feedback and provide a kind of consulting on how to best produce such screenshots.
The video to be produced is to be used for the marketing of an information product, so if you have experience in this area would be great.

Again: what we are looking for is a CONSULTING-kind of role, ideally via Skype.

QUESTIONS we have are like
- What software to use?
- How do we get jingles for the background music?
- How can I cut to just a small part of my screen?
- How can I cut different videos I have into one?

Please bid with your hourly rate for a consulting kind of role to answer some of our questions and give feedback from your experience in doing this.


Skills: video, producer, marketing

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