Program customized scheduling software

Program customized scheduling software


Job Description

I am needing a customized scheduling program for my new company. I need it to be simple, interactive, clean, and manageable with reporting.

The program needs to be set up like this:

Customer goes to scheduling on website --> enters physical address --> selects service --> based upon the address entered, it gives them available times based on their location --> service is paid for --> Name, Phone #, e-mail, vehicle information is entered --> service is scheduled.

Once scheduled, I receive the information regarding their appointment.
The scheduling needs to be based on the address so to optimize the route. I'm trying to maximize the stops completed and travel times.

For example, from the first stop of the day, the next stop should not be 1 mile away, and then the 3rd stop should not be in the middle. It should go Stop A, Stop B, Stop C, Stop D, and so on. NOT Stop A, Stop D, Stop B, Stop C, etc.

The times available for scheduling need to be based on location. Please ask questions if this is not clear. Thank you.

Skills: navigation-systems, systems-programming