Job Description

My idea is to create a website where only members of certain categories are aloud in their own section and nowhere else. There will also be multiple pages within each category
To better understand this, let’s say you, Johnny, James, and myself are part of group X. We would log into our accounts using group X.
Dominic, Danny, and Darrell are part of group Y. They would log onto their accounts using group Y.
The X group can only be friends with and post things within group X, but they can see what group Y posts if they view group Y’s page and vice versa.
There will be five sections to the website for each group. Use group X for example. A Home section where everyone in group X can see everything that has been posted in group X. Page 1 where users from group X can see what people from group X posted on page 1 and they can also make their own posts. Page 2 where users from X can do the same thing, but in a different area of group X’s page. And so on for page 3 and 4. Meanwhile group Y can only view group X’s home page, page 1 and page 2.
We need a website with these functionalities along with other applications within the program such as email, commenting, etc... Anyone who is very experienced in programming can apply.
I am not sure of which kind of programming applies, so ignore the irrelevant ones.

Skills: systems-programming