Project: Reaching out to lost clients

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Re-introductions to clients that did not return

The purpose is to identify those clients who have bought advertising through our Association before but have now stopped stopped. I need to contact them and find out if there was a problem, if they simply forgot about our service, or if they have been replaced by someone who does not know about us.

The task is to sort through and compare sales records (Excel files) from December 2011 and December 2010 to observe who is missing, find the contact information of the person who bought the advertising last time, then to enquire if that person is still there and still the person responsible for advertising. If they are no, then it will be necessary to inquire and find out the name and contact information of the person now responsible.

I will be following up the re-introduction email myself this time although in future, this is something I may require of a VA as well.

When December is finished, the process can repeat for a comparison of January-November 2012 to January - December 2011.

This is a sample of the kind of tasks I need help with all the time. Successful completion of this task will lead to additional assignments.

Required activities:

Sales report analysis (using Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables),
Confirmation of the contact person (using Outlook email, telephone (flawless English pronunciation and word usage required as I do not have approval to outsource this work and do not wish to draw attention to my use of VAs at this time).
Email work will involve personalizing a pre-written script to match the company being sent to, then accessing my Outlook via the web to send it.
I will provide the sales reports, access to my Outlook account via web and the template for the email to be sent out to the lost customers identified.

Skills: analysis, english