Projector Design and Cost Analysis


Job Description

I need help evaluating the best way to get something equivalent to this product cheaper:

It is the DLP LightCrafter evaluation kit for projectors. I need to be able to project a pattern that is triggered to be in sync with a camera. There are a few dozen images for the pattern sequence and it will be projected at at least 180 frames per second.

As far as I know, TI does not provide schematics on how to make this projector. It was designed and manufactured by Young Optics International. I'm not sure what their business model is, but it might also be possible to work out a deal with them to get it at a lower cost or to get the design. Maybe someone out there knows a way to do such a thing.

So, I would need help is figuring out how to get something equivalent to this at lower costs than the $600 price tag it has now. I can order it in bulk quantities of about 100 units. I'm not sure I could order any more than that because it becomes a very large investment. I could also create a product and try to sell the product that uses the projector to lower the cost.

If we can come up with a reasonable plan to design something, I can also hire you to design it.