Promoting URL LINK - Sending Leads That Convert Into Sales


Job Description


I'm looking to expand my team to include a very smart individual who knows how to convert leads into paying customers for the business I'm promoting in the Internet Marketing and Online Business niche. The business is called MOBE.

Your job is simple...promote the MOBE business.

In your efforts to promote the business, you will be provided one unique URL which must not be changed and you must also be able to write copy letters to go along with the URL in each location that you promote MOBE that will sell the MOBE business.

You must promote the business all across the world in as many locations as possible. All you have to do is promote a single URL link that I will provide you.

Your job is to promote the link and sales copy in at least 20 different websites/forums etc, each day. Each day you and I will communicate on Skype to discuss the unique sites that you have promoted MOBE.

You are required to provide me evidence that you have completed this task each day via Skype. A team auditor will conduct random site inspections to confirm your promotional activities.

I have tracking in the system that will show me that customers are coming from your URL link and this is how you will receive your bonus payment. I will provide you with evidence of the link activity by Skype so you can see as I share my screen with you.

Where you attract a sale from the link you promote, I will immediately pay you so you don't work for nothing and don't have to wait to have money in your pocket.

So if you are interested and have read this description, you are to write in your subject line, "HI, PURPLE ELEPHANT" in your application and explain why I should choose you to undertake this task.

You will be well rewarded for your efforts and high performers have the opportunity to work with me on an ongoing basis if that is what you would like.

This is an exciting opportunity for the right person and will certainly convert into cash as the business is attracting new partners each day.

During your interview with me on Skype, I will ask you a series of questions about how you intend to go about your task. I will show you more about the business to help you promote it successfully.

Please, time wasters and those who do not have a clue about marketing, need not apply. Successful person must contact me each other day at 6pm Adelaide time to discuss progress.


Look forward to your convincing application.


Skills: marketing, promotions