Proof Readers for Batch Jobs

Proof Readers for Batch Jobs


Job Description

I am looking proof readers for batch jobs. Please read carefully and DO NOT apply if you will later ask questions about things that are already stated in the job post.
The prices are as follows:
200-500 words= $0.30
501-700 words= $0.50
701-1000 words= $0.75
1001-1200 words=$1
1200-1500 words=$1.50

All jobs will be given in bulks. For example a bulk job can be (20) 200 word articles, which would be $0.3*20= $6
This is an ongoing position and you will have a lot of work. You will also be paid weekly. Please apply stating that you agree and is fine with the rates. You application will be rejected if that declaration is not stated. Natives Only and I hope to have a long, happy relationship.

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