Proof read a small economics paper

Proof read a small economics paper


Job Description

A paper that is poorly referenced needs to be proof-read. You simply need to clean up a short 1000 word essay. I will of course send you the essay when you accept the job.

Its only a small task so payment is only $10 (paid on January 31) but you should be able to do it really quickly if you are academically minded. And it must be sent to me before 8pm London time TODAY.

The problems with the essay are mainly to do with referencing:

* Wikipedia shouldnt be cited (neither in content of paper nor bibliography) and should be replaced with a more academic souce.
* Replace Marcuzzo references with a more academic source. (Hence Marcuzzo shouldnt be cited in content of paper nor bibliography).
* The introduction is too long. Needs cutting in half.

Of course if while reading through paper you see other obvious errors then I would be grateful for any other corrections you make.
Some specific referencing errors:
for example… (CWK XXVI: 16) is actually Keynes. Cite it in the Harvard format i.e. (Keynes, 1947:2). Another example is: (Keynesian Economics-2013)This all the way throughout the paper. This sentence is directly plagiarism 'that the "curse of unemployment" (CWK XXVI: 16) is the root of all market problems' The first part is Keynes, the second half which is not in quote marks in Marcuzzo yet unreferenced. The whole paper is under-referenced and poorly referenced.

Skills: economics

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