Psychology Book Series- Mental Health Professionals Needed


Job Description

I am the founder of a startup book publishing company (page turner) and I am looking for mental health professionals such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc. who will partner with me to publish a few books in this subject area. I have always been interested in psychology and I intend to make a significant contribution to the field of psychology but I will need to partner with the right person. Ideally, you will need to have a good amount of professional experience in the field of psychology. We are planning on make a huge difference with these books and we are looking for someone who can share ground breaking information in this field.

Since there is such a broad range of topics we can cover, we are fine with picking more than one person for this project. Also this is NOT a ghostwriting job, you will get full credit as the author.

Some example topics:

Psychology of Personalities example topics: too many to list, look here for examples:

Social Psychology example Topics: too many to list, look here for examples:

Counseling example topics: marriage counseling-affairs, cheating spouses, etc., abusive relationships, trauma, drug addiction counseling, emotional abuse, etc.

Child Psychology example topics: healing ADHD, dealing with autism in children, abused/traumatized children, dealing with Asperger's Syndrome in children, adopted children, OCD, anxious children, dyslexia, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, late talking children, "anti-social" behavior, etc.

Psychology of Creativity example topics: right side/left side brain, learning to be creative, coming up with creative ideas, are leaders born or made?, etc.

Mental Illness topics: psychopaths, sociopaths, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, mental illnesses, correlation between mental illness and leaders, borderline personality disorder, etc.

Because of the sales splits and the fact that you will get complete credit as the author of this book, this is not only an interesting job but also a highly lucrative and rewarding opportunity for the right person.

To apply:

-Explain your experience/training and why you are a good candidate to write on the topic(s)
-Submit a sample of non-fiction work that shows your writing style


-A long term partner (this is not a one time gig)
-must have lots of experience in this field (you will need to be credible in this area)
-good english writing skills
-A true passion for the topic
-Ok with a small budget. The budget is around $100-$200 or possibly a little more (it depends on the length and complexity of the book) with a possible sharing of profits (up to 50/50 sales splits). The book length will likely be 100-150 pages or possibly a little more.


-I have published an amazon best seller and I can get this book to sell well (book title available upon request). As long as the books content is good, I can guarantee the book will make a good amount of sales.
-your name, picture and any other info you want will be included on the book. You will credited as the sole author and your writing career will take off with us promoting you as a published author.
-I am really fun to work with and will always be on call to answer your questions, help with something, etc.
-With sales Splits, you will eventually end up making much more money down the road
-extremely Flexible deadlines
-You have a lot of freedom and flexibility over what to include in the book
-Chance of future partnership with even more lucrative projects

Skills: ebooks, counseling, english, academic-writing