Publicity Seeker + PR Writer

Publicity Seeker + PR Writer


Job Description

I'm looking for a publicity & PR person.

Ideally, this turns into a long-term relationship ramping up to full time over 2013. Initially, we can do a set number of hours per week.

The ideal candidate
1. has worked in PR before, and is used to researching journalists, bloggers, media, and is used to "stalking" for opportunities, reviewing the editorial calendar for writing opportunities, etc.
2. Has at least _some_ experience in business-centric media - we are 100% b2b i.e. do online software for small businesses
3. Knows the tools of the trade i.e. PR newswire etc.
4. Is proactive.

I don't know if we'll find, it, but perfect might be like someone with PR experience whom we task say 5 hrs a week or 10 hours a week every week to find publicity.

Everything we do will be tracked, and we'll come up with some clear metrics for success. We use analytics and tracking heavily, and at the end of the day, it's about real-world measurable results.

SwiftCRM, SwiftTasks project management, etc.