Punters Club iPhone App

Punters Club iPhone App


Job Description

The project is to develop an iPhone application where you can register a club/team which allows the user too:

1. Create a club (lead email)
2. Send out invites to join via email
3. When the member joins the club, they then receive all future emails from the club creator.

This would be stage 1.

The plan is to take my website for punters club idea and make it more automated.

My website is www.boatmanspuntersblub.wordpress.com

Currently the process for the punters club idea is that one of the members places a bet, then emails the bet to me, which I then post via wordpress.

Having the member post/email the bet through the app and then everyone receive the bet on their iPhone would be the first step in making the process fully automated.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact me for further details.

Cheers, Ian