Python Blog writing 5$-7$ per blog

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Job Description

What's new in Python 3
What common libraries are available in Python 3 so far (as of today), and what aren't
Pros vs cons of Python 3 and Python 2
What about C extensions? Are they different?
Speed, binary size, etc.

Some general tips:
Put in some code examples. eg. Python 2 vs 3 syntax
Put in some links. eg. Link to the converter tool, and more information

A couple of helpful links:

Just put yourself in the shoes of a Python 2 programmer who wants to port his large program to Python 3. What does he need to think about? How long will Python 2 be supported? What are the benefits? What are the differences, how different are they? etc...

pay scale $5-$7 for 600-800 words
pythong expereince preferred
And can complete the job wihtin 10 hours of getting hired
Mention your skype and gmail id in the job application.


Skills: gmail