QUICK Question regarding VPN

QUICK Question regarding VPN


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I have a question for networking experts.

I use a L2TP VPN connection which provides me a new IP address to protect my real IP address. My goal is to make sure that any communications between my PC and any other network/PC will broadcast only the VPN IP address, and never my real IP address.

To accomplish this, in my current setup, I have created a file called "reset.bat". In this file, I have the command "route add mask XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX metric 1" where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is my default gateway address. This file is on my desktop and is set to run as administrator. For my network adapter, I have set a static IP address, have set the subnet mask to and have removed the Default Gateway.

Whenever I reboot my PC, in order to connect to the VPN, I first need to double-click the "Reset.bat" file before I can connect using the VPN. When I connect to VPN, it gives me the new IP address. When I disconnect from the VPN even though the internet icon in the bottom right will say that is connected to the internet, I will be unable to use the browser to access the internet.

I feel like for my solution, it is still not bullet-proof and my real IP address could be compromised. If anyone has any suggestions or tips to make sure that my real IP address remains private, please bid.

Skills: network-solutions, routers

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