Quality Assurance Software Engineer US


Job Description

Why work here?

Join the leader globally in Testing, be part of a continuously growing team.
Be part of a revolutionary virtual working model, explore new ways of collaborating remotely and gain a unique experience.
No physical constraints, no strict working hours. You decide where and when to work.
Get paid every week through oDesk or Elance, no delays in payments.
This is a real job, we are looking for long lasting working relationships. Be productive, decent, hard working and pension fund will most probably be your next employer.

What are the responsibilities in the job?

Identifying fragility factors in functional UI test cases that fail intermittently.
Introducing standards around test cases development and test cases quality assurance.
Investigating test case failures, grouping them in categories by the root cause, analyzing each category and the coming up with quality upgrade solution that results in more stable and maintainable functional UI test cases.
Writing technical documents.
Attending meetings with your team and manager and working 40 hours weekly using a web camera for both logging time and attending meetings.

What are the requirements for the role?

5 years of experience in software engineering.
At least 2 years of experience in Testing and 2 years of experience in an R&D position..
Very good knowledge of at least one of the following programming languages: (Java, C#, C++).
Clear English communications both in writing and speaking
Have a good internet connection that allows you to attend meetings and use our virtual working environment.

For our GTeam FZ LLC Quality Assurance Software Engineer role, we’re offering $60/hour (with a $1440 fixed-price payment for a trial job if that trial leads us to hire you) We work with you through one of several approved staffing and payment platforms which will charge a percentage fee on your gross earnings.

This particular posting is for US Based candidates. For non-US candidates, please go to this link to apply: http://www.gteamfzllc.com/careers-application?jobid=169

How to qualify:
Show us who you are. We need verifiable identification, online skills tests, and a brief Skype video interview. Sorry, this part is not paid, but it won’t last more than a week, and if you’ve got the motivation, you’ll be done in a few hours.
Try out the job. During a one-week fixed-price trial assignment, prove to us that we should give you the full-time position of 40 hours/week at the job’s hourly rate. We’re looking for progress and dedication; if you show that, we may have other positions in GTeam FZ LLC for you even if you don’t get the assignment quite right.

How to start:
We’ll make you a fixed-price offer to start qualifying, and you’ll get detailed instructions as soon as you accept this offer for the test phase. (This is not the paid part, but it’s how we get you into the appropriate recruiting team room.)

GTeam FZ LLC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that provides an exceptional work environment. All candidates will be required to undergo and pass a rigorous background check to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

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