Quality Content Writer Membership site

Quality Content Writer Membership site


Job Description

Hi I am after a quality content writer for my fitness membership site.

- I will need a selection of articles written with references of where you have got the information from.
- Examples of past works.
- This will be an ongoing project. There are main articles (which will be paid for by members) with a lot of information, this information for the articles will be referenced from reputable sources and science journals and other resources supplied by me. Smaller blog type articles for the free content small amount of information. Email marketing campaign articles small articles and fitness and health tips.
- Some research will be involved.
- Articulation so the articles are able to be a good reading format for the reader so they don't get bored.
- I have an example of the layout and technical information of how I would see the article being informative etc.
- The way that I was wanting this was that all content for email marketing, articles for blogs and main articles would be written so that they can be posted and organized.
- Please type DOGWASH at the top of replying so I know I'm not wasting my time with spammers.

Manny thanks