Quality Control Software Engineer Global

Quality Control Software Engineer Global

Hourly – More than 6 months - 30+ hrs/week - Posted

Job Description

Work with top global talent on big time enterprise apps for Fortune 500 companies in a career-building environment, where inventiveness and entrepreneurial drive are rewarded. It's 100% remote, work from home, with minimal meetings, where you can choose when you can put in your 40 hours most effectively each week.

What do we need from you? As a Quality Control Software Engineer with gTeam, you’ll be part of a group identifying fragility factors in functional UI test cases that fail intermittently. You’ll improve stability and maintainability by introducing standards around test case development and test case quality assurance and doing quality control on patches applied to functional UI test cases. And you’ll improve overall software quality for our customers by exposing product bugs from functional UI test cases. Often the issues we deal with are very difficult to solve and are not a simple matter of searching for a fix online. We will count on your years of experience as well as effective communication (in English) with your team and others.

You are:
* A software engineer with at least 5-years of experience
* Very knowledgeable in at least one of the following programming languages: (Java, C#, C++)
* A clear communicator in English, both in writing and speaking
* Able to take full advantage of our virtual working environment with your reliable access to a good internet connection, and can use these tools to attend meetings when appropriate
* At least basically experienced in user interface development, subversion and (optionally) any testing framework.

Total compensation is US$3360/month, paid on an hourly basis for for the standard 40-hour work week. There is a $480 fixed-price payment for a trial job if that trial leads us to hire you. We work with you through one of several approved staffing and payment platforms which will charge a percentage fee on your gross earnings, but you understand how those are. For United States citizens and permanent residents, we must also manage W-2 processing, all of which results in a US$2,688/month pay rate.

To qualify, show us who you are. We need verifiable identification, online skills tests, and a brief Skype video interview. Sorry, this part is not paid, but it won’t last more than a week, and if you’ve got the motivation, you’ll be done in a few hours. After that, if you’re still on the winning track, you’ll get to try out the job during the fixed-price trial assignment. Prove to us that you’re the right fit for this full-time, 40-hr/wk position. We’re looking for progress and dedication; if you show that, gTeam FZ may have other positions for you, even if you don’t get this assignment quite right.

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Quality Control Software Engineer
Job Code: QCSE 170
Location::Work from home


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