Quick, Fun WordPress Project For An Expert WP Developer


Job Description

We need someone to create a quick plugin for us.

It's incredibly simple, but we just don't have the time to make it happen on our end.

Here's what we need...

A plugin that adds a new section that will allow you to create what are essentially short URLs.

So, if you had the domain, short.me, it would create URLs like short.me/jSil

However, instead of simply directing the user to the URL the short URL is pointing to, it'll load it inside a full page iframe.

In the sidebar, there needs to be a new section called, "List Pirate". Under that section, there should be two pages, "Dashboard" and "New Link"

Here's what the dashboard should look like.


The new link page should just give the user a form to fill out that has the slug (prefilled with a random, unique slug, but can be changed) and a URL that will be loaded inside the iframe.

It also needs to track hits to the page for the user.

For the right developer, this shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

In your application, please use the phrase, "List Pirate" to let me know that you've read this post.

Thank you!