Quick Job For Expert Fashion Designer / Colorist

Quick Job For Expert Fashion Designer / Colorist


Job Description

About 100 Illustrations - Mens tops, lowers, ladies top, lowers need need to b colorized.

Your job is simple an quick. For EACH design you will note 4 colorways with the following limits:

1. Fabric only is available in 7 colors
2. Piping/trim is available in a limited range of colors
3. Print elements available in all colors
4. Thread available in all colors

You must note the color for for each design element for a complete colorway (e.g - panels, collar, piping, prints, contrast thread).

Results should be laid out in an excel spreadsheet.

Please note - you do NOT have to create the colorway illustration - just list the colors.

Skilled designer or merchandisers only please. No time wasters.

First reasonable bid wins

Skills: design

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