Quick Web design edits and Paypal Integration

Quick Web design edits and Paypal Integration


Job Description

Here is what I need done: I have all the website files at http://personalfinanceplan.org If you need them to work on the project I'll send them over to you right away.

***Menu bar***
change to 47px tall.
Change "Contacts" button to "About Us"

***At bottom of pages (footer area)***
add columns of links:"About Us", "Contact Us", "Help", "Privacy", "Products"
(http://personalfinanceplan.org, http://personalfinanceplan.org/category.html, http://personalfinanceplan.org/product.html)

***Product page***:
Make main body of page like the image in the attachment. (Allow for 300 x 300 pic on the left)
Add Paypal Checkout integration. When user changes "Quantity" value onchange the dollar value changes on screen and the "Order Total" changes. Also the Paypal system is updated to match the order total.

Let me know if you can make the changes and add the paypal integration for less than $30.

Skills: design

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