Quick and Easy Job - Beautiful eCommerce website with Affiliate Program


Job Description

We're in need of a quick and simple yet beautiful ecommerce website for our Fanpop eBook.

1) It will look like shop.seibei.com but have about 3 pages (about us, contact, shop)
2) It will be an eCommerce website
3) It will be installed an affiliate marketing program (script will be purchased)

Overall, it should be a simple website but with functionality and attractive layout.

Winner of this position will be given many more consistent website design opportunities in the future.

If you think you can do this, please submit:

0) In your opinion, what platform would be ideal to accomplish what we're doing?
1) your most relevant website work sample to what we're trying to do
2) If we do a fixed-cost project, how much can you give us?
3) How long it will take to complete?
4) What makes you unique that we should award you the project out of all other competitors?

Thank you. You may be asked to provide a rough mock-up image of what you can accomplish.

Skills: marketing, design

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