Raspberry Pi Car Power Supply Board

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Job Description


We are looking for someone to help design a board for a Raspberry Pi computer which uses a switch mode power supply it to step down the 12v feed from the car to 5v for use to power a Raspberry Pi.

The board will also need functionality to sense when the ignition of the car is on or off.

The board you will design will always have a 12v feed into it. When the ignition is turned on - the power is automatically switched on to the Raspberry Pi, and it boots up.

When the ignition is subsequently turned off - the power to the Raspberry Pi remains on, but a safe shutdown command is sent to the Raspberry Pi and once the Pi has shut down safely the power will then turn off.

We need you to design the schematic and the PCB, which can use a microprocessor like an Atmega or whatever you need, and preferably for a good price. We want the schematic to be as simple as possible, and preferably for it to use through-hole parts so can be soldered together by a beginner.

Please start your application with "I love RasPi" so we know you have read the entire brief.


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