Re-doing a truck wrap: anime drawing

Re-doing a truck wrap: anime drawing


Job Description

I have attached a picture of the current truck wrap. This need to change as the picture is copy righted so I need a new one created similar to this.

The size of the truck is 18 feet wide by 6.5-7 feet high, so the graphics should be in vector base to it can be blown up.

The concept is for a asian food truck owned by an asian female. You can do a similar design like the one attached or try and come up with your own ideas.

IMORTANT: Please send me at least one sketch (a few would be better, that depends on you and how much you want the would give me a better idea of your talent and understanding of the instruction). This is important, do not apply without a plan sketch please. You will not be considered without one, thanks.

The budget is going to be about $35-40, so please keep your bid within this range.

Ideal candidate would have great drawing, illustrator skills, design and graphic concepts.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Skills: graphics, design, drawing

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