Real Estate Agent Lead Generator


Job Description


I need a Lead Generator for lead generation for my real estate agent business. I am looking for Landlords or agents who are looking to rent. I am a real estate agent in London, I get apartments that are available to all agents and then rent them to people.

I want you to call the leads, present my company and offer my services. I will give sites where you will find properties available.

This is a long-term opportunity for you if you can provide me with good results. I would be paying you hourly, plus a flat bonus of $5 for every set appointment.
If I have to follow up a call with the customer to set an appointment, that is not a problem, you would still get $5 for that. If that customer will become my client you will get an additional $30 bonus on top of $5, for a total of $40 bonus for that 1 call. So there is a lot of potential for you. My maximum hourly budget is $2.22/hr ($2 for you). I believe this is a very good proposition. So please keep in mind that I will ONLY consider those who bid within my budget.

Must speak fluent English and use proper grammar in conversation.
* Hours:9.30am – 6:30pm – UK time
All applicants please include some history about yourself, and some sample work you have done. I look forward to hearing from you

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