Real Estate Assistant


Job Description

Real Estate Business - Investors
Business Idea is to daytrade single family houses.
Occasionally sell retail and also sellerfinance cheaper houses.
I need a person to:

1. Send digital offers to Real Estate Agents or similiar.(We have forms)
2. Make research for properties within certain keywords areas.
3. Create buyer lists through Internet Marketing, Groups (like Yahoo, buyer could be Real Estate Investors or "Buy a home searchers".
4. Call Real Estate Agents for basic information about potential houses.
Send interested Agents to me. Once you are experienced, negotiate prices.
5. Customer Services, take phone Calls.

I am investigating right now if we can set up PBX telephone net to handle all calls between USA-Pilippines-Sweden. The Market is USA.

I have a well structred system on how these deals are being made and a very professional support from Real Estate people in USA. I will train you before you start up and also give you access to video and instruction manuals on how the business work. We will work with one task at a time so you will feel confident with each task. Further-I have a professional website in which you will have access to and work with.
This is a full time work, 40 hours a week. The first month will be on probation. If it works out fine, I expect to work with you at least a year or more. This is a new started Real Estate Investing Business. My present is within Internet Marketing.

Since part of the work will include direct contacts with Real Estate Agents I need you to speak english. Also for myself, so we will understand eachother, both per mail and by phone.

Skills: english, real-estate

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