Realistic 3D Logo Design Needed - READ BEFORE REPLYING


Job Description

I'm looking for someone to design a 3D logo for my company. Below is an attachment of what I want, except I have a few modifications I'd like to make.

1. I want for my logo for look realistic.
2. Everywhere that there's gold, I want a shiny platinum/silver/chrome color instead.
3. I want a realistic diamond attached to the top of the emblem.
4. The crown needs to look realistic.
5. Where it says "Opulent," replace that with "Carter."
6. Where it says "Lifestyles LTD," replace that with "Capital Group, LLC."
7. The black background in the middle, replace that with a background made up of diamonds.

As for the overall look, I need for it to look like a photorealistic platinum emblem. Anything else, I'll leave up to your imagination. This logo is going to be used for stationary and maybe even on clothing, so I need for the logo to be able to stretch...similar to an EPS file.

If interested, you MUST submit a draft logo outlining all the requirements listed above along with your inquiry. If not, you won't be considered. Watermark your work. I'm doing this to make sure I choose someone who's capable.

Good luck to you!

Skills: design, logo

Open Attachment