Record Webinars, $3.00 per hour


Job Description

It may be necessary to work nights. Most of these webinars happen in the USA during daylight hours over there. My GMT offset is +8, so I am asleep when the webinars happen and I can not attend them.

In order to qualify for this job, you must present proof that you can record video and audio files that are 90 minutes long, using your computer as the capture device. Go to a site like HULU or play a DVD, and then record 90 minutes of continuous audio and video.

After recording, play back your file and listen for audio. You may be surprised, many recording programs will fail, especially when a file is larger than 1 GB in size.

Keep your file, you will transcode it and send it to me as proof that it is 90 minutes or longer, and contains audio. I will see your proof before I hire you.

Please save recordings as .mp4 format, with compressed audio, 4 frames per second, video quality must be high enough to read text. Upload it by FTP to my server. - I will provide access details to job applicants.

You must be able to tell time internationally. Last employee was fired because he could not figure out what time 06:00 CST is in India, or what date to log in to record a webinar.

Do you know what Tuesday 19:00 EDT is and how to convert it to your local time? If not, do not apply. When applying, provide your GMT offset, and answer this question.

Workload is about 3-4 hours per week. Hourly pay will be according to the duration of the webinar from start to finish, not the duration of time spent transcoding the media file or uploading it via FTP, etc.

0desk pay rate will be $3.33 per hour, providing you with $3.00 per hour absolute pay.

Skills: video