Recruiter for office job in London

Recruiter for office job in London


Job Description

Recruiter wanted to assist in finding someone to fill the post of Office Assistant in London

We want to find someone who can help us Source/find candidates who wish to come to London to work in an English company.

They will be between 19 and 28, and will be fun loving, adventurous, open minded, enjoy traveling, able to assist in the office doing filing and making coffee, cook, drive if possible, and are organised. Please note this is for an office job.

The recruiter will source the candidates and screen them, by posting adverts, reviewing/ forwarding on CV's, maybe interviewing. And help to organise the candidates.

Candidates from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, Lithuania etc wanted.

Priority given if they do not need a visa.

Thank you.

Skills: english