Recruitment Specialist to make training material presented in CAMTASIA format.


Job Description

We need someone to develop training material that will improve the skills of our recruitment team in distinguishing the differences between expert, mid-level and novice candidates in the following positions. Each job position listed shall have its own presentation segment that will take no longer than one hour. We shall also ask for a written transcript that will serve as hard-copy reference for the trainees.

a. Virtual Assistant
b. SEO specialist
c. SEM specialist
d. PHP developer
e. Back office admin
f. Marketing assistant
g. Technical support
h. Web designer
i. Accountant
j.Front end developer
k.Content writer
l..NET developer
m. Telemarketer

Each segment should touch on the following topics:

-The kind of related training, certification or educational attainment an applicant for the position should have taken.
-The kind of self-taught knowledge they should have acquired.
-Skills and capacities the candidates should have.
-Ways to measure the quality of their work and how to distinguish between entry, mid and expert level.
-What kinds of questions should be asked of them with the corresponding answers that should be said that will help the recruiters determine if they are entry, mid and expert level.
-How employers could best utilize the skills and traits of these candidates.
-How to find or source for these candidates through online and offline channels.

Example of Pay-per-click job category distinction and advice that is needed:

This candidate ABC has experience running PPC ad campaigns with a budget of $20,000 per month and has experience in managing multiple PPC campaigns each month but isn’t yet Google-certified. Some might think this person is not an expert because he doesn’t have the Google certified. If you think the same then you really are not the right person to give advice on this job distinction or PPC field.

Because this person could be an expert who simply just hasn’t come around to getting himself/herself Google-certified, a certification that does not represent experience but only demonstrates basic user capacity.

Skills: training