Redirect data sent to OPOS printer driver to a remote webservice.

Redirect data sent to OPOS printer driver to a remote webservice.


Job Description

Create a port monitor or whatever mechanism may be necessary, so that we can capture data sent to POS printers (via OPOS) and redirect to a JSON webservice, in the form of a PDF file, along with the id number, a machine serial number, and a safe_token.

When the POS software sends data to the printer, a popup shall open for the user to insert two text fields, one with an identification number, other with the total.

The text in both fields might be inserted either using a physical keyboard, either using a virtual keyboard. (first select the field, then input the text).

While the popup is open, at the same time a bar-code listener shall be active, and if a bar-code is scanned at that time, than the identification number shall be filled automatically. (this feature shall be done during the latest release)

User can than select if the sales receipt should go to the printer, to the webservice or to both.

The webservice responds with either success or error message. If success, the user shall be notified of Success, and the popup window shall close. If error, user shall be presented of error, and stay within the popup window. Any temporary files shall be deleted after a request.

A textual log file shall be kept locally on a weekly basis (Every week it gets rewritten), storing all error requests, with the datetime of the happening, the error message and the serial number. this log shall be uploaded to an amazon s3 space, before being rewritten)

We shall be able to configure the webservice host, the paper receipt printer, and the barcode scanner, where to access config, user must insert a specified password (defined in the code)
It shall be possible to reinstall the package, upgrading previous release. (Without the need to manually remove previous releases)

As deliverables we expect to have :

1 - Source Code and Installable file(s) with :
- Installation manual
- Installation wizard pack, for easy install on local machines
- Local apps, comprising both port monitor redirect, popup window
- barcode scanner integration related files
2 - Configuration manual with:
- Instruction on how to change the webservice host, physical paper receipt printer and barcode scanner
- Instruction on where to find each code component, and where to change the popup window labels
- Instruction on where to find the error logs

We expect for this project to have three separate milestones, with payment only on presentation of each one of them :

1 - the OPOS virtual printer/port monitor, application with popup and server redirect, unique installation wizard file and installation manual

2 - the logging mechanism with server redirect, the configuration module and configuration manual

3 - the barcode scanner integration with the popup, along with updates to the manuals where it applies

We are looking for applicants which already have previous proven experience on OPOS driver/port monitor development and can deliver at least the first two milestones.

Skills: json, pdf, amazon