Redmine Plugin Development (DEV Redmine)


Job Description

[1. Objective]
The main project is to develop plugin for Redmine for inside usage.
[2. Requirements]
There are currently 3 main points to solve in Issue Tracking System (Redmine):
 To reduce management-time consuming for issue supervisors or managers
 To eliminate uncompleted (open) ticket/issue to zero
 To grasp full control or relation between task/results and issues (tickets)

[3.Required Plugins]

a.) Notification Using Boxcar APIs to notify tickets' situation in real time
b.) Monitor Create monitoring page to control the number of issued and completed tickets with a threshold
value (For example : 5 days after deadline).
When deadline passes value, use Notification to send out messages
c.) Reassignment If tickets has past the deadline by a threshold value, reassign tickets to newly different assignee.
d.) Ticket Plotting (Graph) Adding "graph" page and plot per day the number of open, closed and exceeded-deadline tickets
e.) OAuth Function Adding up log-in Function from Facebook & Twitter account

Skills: facebook, twitter