Replace my Carousel for eBay Style

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Job Description

We need to replace my current carrousel for an eBay Style Carousel. I need to have 4 html banners with links to the products I sell. Each html banner should have products with links with different pictures or sizes of my products.

We need the following 14. So we will choose 4 from them dynamicaly or manually. The banner should have a background image. The carrousel should have the numbers at right. For reference look at the eBay following one:

Now let's explain the banners in detail:

1) One banner for products with reduced prices.
2) Banner to promote Books from Trujillo. (This is a dictator).
3) Banner to promote Cooking Books.
4) Banner to promote Cristian Books
5) Banner to promote books from Walter Riso (Author writer)
6) Banner to promote Management books
7) Banner to promote books for leadership
8) Banner to promote books for motivation
9) Banner to promote new books.
10) Banner to promote books for kids and children
11) Banner to promote School Books
12) Banner to promote the movies we sell
13) Banner to promote the Best sellers
14) Banner to promote free shipping.

Everything should be in Spanish language. As we are developers we can work together to have this small project done.

Best wishes,

Carlos Mendez Comas

Skills: banner