Report Writing & Research on Specific Subjects

Report Writing & Research on Specific Subjects


Job Description

** You must start your reply with "I'm human" and answer the questions at the bottom, or you will be ignored. **

I require several people to do research and report writing on an ongoing basis. While the hourly rate is low, I have a lot of work and so it will be worth a lot of money over a few years as long as you keep providing a good service.

This is effectively advanced Internet research. You need to be able to write long and detailed reports on whatever subject I give. You will be able to find all of the information on the Internet. Sometimes you may have to email sites to ask for further information.

This includes both business and personal research, examples are: researching everything about a business competitor, doing market research, etc.

If you want this job please complete these test tasks to prove you are capable and submit the answers along with your letter. If you don't do this you will not be considered as this is to prove that you are really capable. If you do it well you are likely to get the job, as there are many positions.

1. Find out what the name of the company is that owns Harvard University.
2. How old is the company Forgotten Books? (

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