Research Business Opportunities - Vietnam

Research Business Opportunities - Vietnam


Job Description

What I am looking for are SME hotel or land to develop that are advertised for sale on various websites.

I want a list of a few dozen top quality opportunities to look at that fit my criteria.

Hoi An and surrounding area.

What I am looking for are PROFITABLE business for sale where the owner wants to retire or is looking to sell for a variety of reasons besides just a losing business.

I am looking for touristic, manufacturing and service opportunities.

I do NOT want cafes, restaurants, franchises, millwright or strictly web-based businesses.

I do NOT want start-up business.

I do NOT want businesses that are a one-man operations.

Please respond to the is post with the word "Hoi Ann" in the subject line.

I also would like a comprehensive list of the top "business 4 sale" sites that you find while doing your search.

I leave it up to you to find the sites with the best search results, but I need each result that you report back to me to be sourced with a link to the site you found.

This is a test job and will lead to more work if the results are satisfactory. It is also an opportunity to gain some expertise in sourcing SME business opportunities.

Bonus if a very good opportunity is discovered. Bonus will consist of additional work with larger budget.