Research, Report and Writing Blog,

Research, Report and Writing Blog,


Job Description

I am looking for someone capable of performing accurate & sustainable research on obesity related matters. Information should be compiled in spreadsheet format containing the following information:

JOB #1:

Number of Obese in Country
Number of Obesity Related Deaths per country
Comparison of current (2012) Obesity statistics showing increase in rates from 2005 to current (2012)
Health Conditions as a result of Obesity (i.e. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes Type II, High Cholesterol, and more)
Estimates per country
Number of deaths as a result of each health condition relating to obesity
Worldwide Obesity Related deaths

Chart creation based on the above spreadsheet showing

Research references should be provided

Create documentation via MS Word summarizing each category as noted above for blogging purposes

I am open to discuss the expected results and working with you to determine the best way to complete the tasks.

Blogging is necessary and SEO, SEM and other necessary steps to get proper high ranks. I want this information ranked high on sites such as Google, Yahoo and many of the sites used by each country.

More information will be detailed during the interview process.

JOB #2

I need a spreadsheet containing every language and every country speaking those languages

Spreadsheet should provide the ability for me to easily and simply sort (by column yet keeping all content sortable and remaining in connection ti the content) by language spoken per country or country to determine which country speaks which language. I need the spreadsheet to include columns with Country Name, Country Population, Country Obesity Population, All Languages spoken per country, % of population spoken in each country.

JOB #3

I would like each Word Document created under Job #1 then translated from English to each language within the 160 countries.

Skills: research, yahoo, english