Research help, finding suppliers, help growing business

Research help, finding suppliers, help growing business


Job Description

I need a virtual assistant to help me research and contact manufacturers in the US who can make my product. Phone calls will be necessary. I would like someone with experience. If they do well, I will continue to use them to help me grow my business. Thanks.

This is the first task:

I am looking for contract manufacturers, farms, suppliers in the United States who can help me make a product that I will call a "natural cognitive enhancer". The supplier should have or able to buy and mix together at least three of these ingredients: ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea, lion's mane mushroom. I want to make a product that is a mix of these ingredients. They can make it a powder, liquid, or pill. I don't care. It would be great if they can package it too. Make a list of these suppliers with contact information. Phone number, email, and website are most important. You may call and email on my behalf in order to find if they can buy and mix those ingredients.

Skills: research