Research on SB Nation

Research on SB Nation


Job Description


I want to conduct some research on SB Nation (

I would like a detailed business report about 5-10 pages long on the company.

The key factors that I want discussed are:

- Company's History (when it was founded, how much did it cost initially, how was the website set up, how it evolved & reasons for the early success)
- Software & platforms they used to set up the website & what are they using now
- How it has evolved over time to what it is now
- Competitive Advantages
- Core Factors of Growth
- Critical Incidents, Problems & Criticism it has faced & how it overcame them
- Business Model & Structure
- Key Hires, personnel & information about the founders
- Profitability, Revenues, Mkt Value, recent activity, unique users per month & other relevant statistics
- Breakdown on the sources of revenue (please do not just say advertising. I would like more detail)

I would prefer it if this report was conducted by an American who is familiar with these websites however please do not stop from applying if you feel you can do this job. In your proposal, please let me know if you have came across the website & attach any similar research you have done. I would like to have the report back by Monday, 11th Feb.


Skills: research