Research technical writer on Guided and Unguided media


Job Description

In need for some one who has a passion for writing and can use proper citations. This is not a hard task and the structure of the research is listed below. Some one who we can contact easily and get a fast response and have more projects in the future.

Technical write up on unguided and guided media. 15 pages excluding appendices and other extra materials. It must be in APA style and use Time Romans, 12 font

We need this done by 4/15/13 if possible or if you need more time we can talk.

I. INTRODUCTION: Describe the selected topic of unguided and guided media, highlighting the need and importance of the topic.

II. LITERATURE REVIEW: You have to have reasonable number of sources (10-15) on the subject area. Review must be related to the topic selected.

III. METHODOLOGY: In this section, you will explain the media design in detail. You should clearly mention how, where, and what data or information you will collect. Also what statistical tools will use to analyze the collected information?

IV. ANALYSIS: This is the main part of your analysis. Your analysis should be fully supported by the other research articles. You have to provide proper citation in this part. The detailed information of citation must be reported in the Reference section.




Skills: design, analysis, research