Researcher Required

Researcher Required


Job Description

We are a UK based company called Global Horizons leading associates with a USA company called Talk Fusion. We deal in Video communication products on a Global scale. Our business model is built on Multi level Marketing also known as Network Marketing.

We are looking for a qualified researcher to research in various countires TOP MLM leaders, Network Marketing Leaders, those that have existing teams in place.

We are looking to find those leaders that may be interested in joining our business with their teams. In other words someone who would like to take a top position within our business by bringing over his or her network into our business.

Your Research Role

Your role will be to locate these TOP MLM leaders, make contact with them and ascertain if they would be prepared to open discussions with us with the view of joining our Global Opportunity. We will present the opportunity and financial package, you will supply to us the following.

1.The full name of the person
2. Country of residence
3. Name of the MLM Company they are currently working with.
4. Size of their team, e.g number of people they have access to.
5. Full contact details.
6.Copies of all correspondence, emails, with these leaders so me may evaluate their creditability of the person.

No countires are off limits so your research can take you into ANY country, albeit we would favour those that can find us MLM leaders in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, Taiwan.

We are looking for 50 TOP leaders we can offer our opportunity to.

The details of the TOP MLM leaders you supply us with MUST be 100% confirmed as being interested in talking to us about a possible move to join us. This will be your responsibility to ensure they are quailed.