Advanced Researcher to simplify Cancer for patients


Job Description

What we’re doing
We are building a product that will help educate cancer patients about their disease.
Newly diagnosed cancer patients have a very strong requirement for rapid education about their disease, and we are first building a knowledge base that will organize the latest news, scientific articles, blog posts, wikipedia articles etc into summaries that the patients will be able to browse easily, share and annotate.

What we need
To help us, we are looking for an outstanding researcher.

What we have
We have created a web-based data entry system, and some crisp guidelines that will explain how to best collect information.

What it takes
Deep research skills, especially scientific research (genetic/medical research experience is a bonus)
Skill in using search - not just Google, but following through and identifying the most relevant papers, blog posts, news articles, web pages etc that are “hard to find”
Ability to identify accurate information in the midst of innacurate information.
Skill in scanning through a document and locating the most important parts
Conciseness. Can you think of a crisp, entertaining summary that will give the reader the gist of a paper (that may save his life)?
Must have a keen eye for detail and an ability to judge what is important and what isn’t

Your job will last an hour, and will require finding as many articles according to our guidelines as possible, and entering them into our system appropriately.

If you believe you have what it takes to help change the lives of cancer patients, please let us know why!

Skills: research

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