Resort hotel business background info - Vietnam


Job Description

The questions what interest me are:
1. How is guest apartment business legally regulated - what are the conditions what the properties need to meet and services what have to be provided? How can a company purchase land? or should it lease it?
2. What are permits needed?
3. How's taxation - what are the taxes and rates on accommodation services?

Real estate objects
1. What are the common conditions on taking properties on rent - fees to real estate broker, deposits.
2. Are there any legal obstacles to run a resort?
3. If it on rent basis of the land, how the Lessee can ensure that after the project is running the Lessor will not end the lease (as the Lessee is not the owner), what kind of protection the local law provide.

I would also request you to add references to the information presented with web page links where it is possible. Please also add the info about specialist on real estate consulted with their contact and web page info.

If there will be decision to set up activities then additional support would be needed.