Retail Branding Online Portal

Retail Branding Online Portal


Job Description

We are a specialized retail branding agency specialized in retail channel branding, sales and brand activations, product merchandising, retail audit and research, with focus on various channel categories, such as consumer electronics retailers, mobile shops, super markets, cosmetics and pharmacies and more.

We are looking to develop a portal to ease the experience of selling to our customers with a very user friendly, google like interface, that can easily be used by the least skilled of our clients.

Ideally, a user name and pasword would be needed to log on, with two types of users, clients, and sales people from our company, the landing page would be a selection of the various type of channels listed above, once you have selected your channel category you are then moved to the full map of the country, which would then be split into 3 major regions, north, mid and south, once you have selected the region, you get a zoomed out map showing the various cities of that region, then you can select the city, and the city map pops up, then each city would be split into sub-regions, and once you click on any of those, you get all the shops that are in that sub-region, that belong to the original category you have selected in the beginning, i.e supermarkets.

Now, for the important part, once you select the supermarket and click on it, you land on that supermarket's page, which shows External branding and internal branding options, external branding for example shows the supermarket signboard, Which the client can select to change and reproduce with their own design, other examples for branding options would be applying see-thru sticker to the shop's windows.

Now as an example, if the client desires to change the shop signboard, they click on it, and it automatically gives them the dimensions for the sign, with three type of options to choose from,
a- regular flex signboard with no lighting
b- regular flex signboard with lighting
c- back-lit Lightbox sign board
each option would have a fixed price per square meter which includes production and installation, multiplied by the area of that sign based on the pre-defined dimensions the client would then get the cost of that change he is requesting to be applied, if he chooses to accept, that selection would then be added to a check-out page which shows the various selections that the client has made.

If the client wishes to choose window branding then he can click on that and also add that to cart, if not, he may want to go inside and choose some of the internal branding opportunities.

This example majorly summarized what is needed, I am not a technical person, so anyone that is thinking of applying to this job must provide ideas and examples to enhance the website and make it successful and more user-engaging.

Skills: design