Retail Technology Developer (Android + iOS)

Retail Technology Developer (Android + iOS)


Job Description

Starfish Inc. is developing a concept that will revolutionize the retail industry and customer shopping experience as we know it today.
It will empower the consumer as well as promote synergy between buyer and supplier. We are extremely excited for our first public debute expected in 2013.

To do this, we need you!
Our concept has already been coherently described and a mock-up protoype app has been developed. In addition, we own a patent pending on our proprietary L.I.N.E. Databasing technology.

We are looking for innovative likeminded individuals, elite coders and app developers to bring this concept to every Android and iOS user in the world.

A wise man once said "The best way to predict the future, is to create it."
Ladies and gentlemen, Let's create!

Danny Gerharts
Starfish Inc.

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