Rich Text control for iOS

Rich Text control for iOS


Job Description

Hello good people,

In this task I mostly need a replication of ios mail text editor control. This control will be a part of the product we are working on.

Our workflow once we start the project

- We give you a symbolic $5 upfront to confirm we have a valid way to do payments
- You give some details about how you are going to build this
- You do the work
- once you're ready you build this app for my UDID and submit .ipa by teshflight or mail
- we check the functionality on the device here
- if any we find issues you fix those
- we pay you 75% of the budget
- you send us xcode sources, we check those are buildable and result to the demoed application
- we pay you remaining 25% of the budget and give you a nice personalized odesk feedback
Technical task description

First please take a look at the attached mock-up with bunch of buttons.
Here're some comments on buttons:

- Helvetica 15 should set font «Helvetica» of size 15 for the selection in the editor
- Noteworthy 20 would set font «Noteworthy» of size 20
- Bold, Italic – would make a text selection bold and italic
- «Blue text» and «green text» would set that font color to the selected text

- Yellow and None buttons would set selected text background (highlight) to the yellow and back to white
- Copy-paste buttons should work across the application, so I can copy from notes app and paste it to this editor; and i can copy from this editor and paste to notes

- Inster video/photo from clipboard should paste what you've copied from device photo library. Feel free to merge this with «paste» button so that it just pastes whatever you've copied.
- Device photos should open a standard picker and paste what you select there

No saving or reading .rtf needed. I will just input some text to the control you do and check each button.
Please use objective-c on a latest xcode.

Feel free to find the way by googling. Here might be some useful links on the task:

In an application please answer these:

1. Please tell us just a couple of words on how you do this.
2. During how many days after we start you will most likely complete this
3. During how many days you will most likely do this if «something goes wrong»
4. <spam filter> How do you specify a table row height in the code?
5. <spam filter> What is the name of the buddha of compassion

If you don't answer these the application will be disregarded and marked as «spam» .


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