Rising star VA & Manager Is Required - A Full Time, Long Term, Very High Salary


Job Description

Are you a mover or a shaker? Do you want to disrupt the market, instead of following it? Work With Us!

A super star VA & project manager is required for an immediate position in an online marketing StartUp company!

We are an innovative StartUp company with huge crush for working with amazing talented Philippines.

Please read the entire thread carefully & state your full name and Skype at the beginning of your message.

We are looking for hard working, honest, and reliable VA and Project manager,
A full time candidate, who will work closely with our 2 Co-Founders, and a full staff of,in the most part Philippines workers, She will be a part of an amazing and innovative team.

The candidate, will be thought our secret methods of marketing, going over private sessions with our top Internet marketing experts to develop he's talent and techniques.

She must master the English language with an excellent level of writing and communicating.


- Marketing Writing and high level of self expression
- Understanding of search engine ranking algorithms (will be taught)
- Fluent English including excellent writing, grammar, spelling and formatting
- Social Media Marketing (will be thought)
- Keyword analysis for pay per click (PPC) campaigns and organic search results (will be taught)
- WordPress - It would be a great bonus to know how to work with WordPress
- Email Marketing & business connection manager - Writing Email campaigns, auto responses, and keeping in touch with partners & business associates.
- Full control of Microsoft Excel (will be taught, but preferable have a good understanding as a basic)
- Remote desktop connection - the ability to remote control few working environments (will be taught)
- Steady fast Internet connection
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- Strong communication skills
- A complete Odesk profile (A bonus)
- An exceptional portfolio that demonstrates an ability to create compelling copy for a wide variety of brands, audiences and industries (A bonus)
- References or an established reputation on Odesk preferred
- BPO, Business process outsourcing abilities
- And finally the ability to recruit and lead an amazing group of people & training them for future challenges.

There will be training that will help you understand what is expected.

But the most important thing is, we are looking for a self learner with an ability to think & research.

A very high, competitive salary, with a lot of Bonuses on a monthly basis is promised for the right candidate.

Full details concerning the position in private message.
Join an amazing innovative team now! Become a Super Star!

Good luck,
BizBee Founder.

Skills: marketing, english, grammar, analysis, training, virtual-assistant-skills, research, keyword-research, microsoft-office, bpo, outsourcing