Rock, Paper, Scissors Game App (iOS Game Developer)


Job Description

Looking for a iOS Game App Developer who will agree on the proposed budget. Please do not apply if you will ask for a upfront payment. We will be paying on a milestone basis. The budget is inclusive of oDesk fee so bid accordingly. Please read the description of the app below.

I want to create a game based on the classic rock, paper, scissors game, but with a twist. I want to include bracket style tournaments as well as one on one fights.

A person first chooses the monster they want, (bug, dragon, or humanoid) and then choose the color of what they want their monster to be. Once that happens people can then fight a computer monster, random person, or friend. Each match participant will wager one of three things. Experience points, Personal points ( which I will explain), and equipment/armor. The winner will then take all. There will also be tournaments with a set minimum participants for each tournament. There will be an entry fee for each tournament of 4 actual dollars charged to a persons credit card, or 500 personal points. A persons card will not be charged unless the minimal is met. The winner of the tournament will win 20% of all the personal points accumulated in the tournament.

When people are not fighting their monsters they can have them rest after complete of full tournament, unless they had already loss within the tournament. Resting the monster takes a total of 24hrs if all life energy is depleted, 12hrs if half is depleted and 3hrs if less than half, but there is fruit that can be grown, bought, or win food that can be used for to instantly heal a monster.

Also when not fighting, a users monster already includes land that is limited to two monsters. What comes free in the game is, 50pp, the first monster, and a resting area that has space for two monsters.

Full Description of the app will be provided during the interview. Thank you.

Skills: mobile-application-development