Roku Screenaver App Developement BrightScript

Roku Screenaver App Developement BrightScript


Job Description


I'm looking for someone to program a Roku (Set-top-box streaming player) screen saver. The Roku screensaver is relatively simple. I will give you more details if you are on the shortlist of contractors.

Basic elements would be background image that moves, foreground image that moves slowly around screen, and the ability to interact/edit the foreground image.

According to Roku's site they use BrightScript. "BrightScript is a scripting language similar to VisualBasic and is quickly learned by experienced programmers."

If you have experience programing for Roku please give examples.

The job will be design the Roku application and assistance with the proper hosting set up and Roku app submission.

Please let me know if interested in this project.


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