Rough, electronical concept sketch

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Job Description


I want to get an electronical system developed that can do that:

- all the systems shall be packed in a small, transportable box (max: 10kg / 20cm height 20 cm width and 10cm depth)
- using a cheap, portable power-supply solution that can provide a stable power supply for 8 hours running the below things:
- make the current gps-position of the box visible to the web
- provide a wireless hotspot
- run 1 or several lights that can enlighten a rectangle area of 0.8 sqm
- needs to be waterresistant and stable, will be used outdoors

The task of that project is just answering these questions:
- Which systems do I need therefore (including links)?
- What do they roughly cost?
- How would I (or a producer of these things) put these systems together in one combined system?
- Make me a quick and rough sketch of how that would work together
- What would such a system cost roughly in sum?

If you're appropriate of even producing such a system, this'd be the corresponding project.

thanks for your bids

Skills: hotspot, wireless