Ruby on Rails Lead Developer Needed

Ruby on Rails Lead Developer Needed


Job Description

SportSetter is hiring exceptional Ruby on Rails Developers to work on a product that's going to help people activate their lifestyles worldwide. You'll work with a smart, dedicated team to build the next generation of the site.


Experience and comprehensive skills for Ruby on Rails
• Multitalented in development skills
• Server maintenance skills
• Software testing skills
• Project management skills
3-5 days per week. Increase to full time with 1-2 months
Based in NYC and/or Helsinki

The site is B2C focused marketing website, with monthly subscription payment facilities, data management aspects, a customer profile capability with capabilities to view their personal product package info etc. Successful candidate can independently handle platform selection, front end, back end, data management, development along with key activities, deployment, server maintenance, social media bolt ons and functionality.

Our team is smart, ambitious, supportive, and above all - we are excited by what we do. While meeting regular deadlines and being focused on quick, quality completion of projects, the environment is relaxed and fun.
Every member of the SportSetter Team is passionate about innovation, collaboration, leadership, open communication and respect for all.

Skills: management, marketing, leadership