Russian Expert Writer in different spheres

Russian Expert Writer in different spheres


Job Description

We are looking for native Russian writers who specialize in writing in any of the following spheres:

Health, Diseases
Hobby and Recreation
Business, Management

The main criteria for the expert article writing:

The articles are expert advice articles, providing helpful information, guidelines and resources about the aforementioned topics. Each articles needs to be 500 words (2,000 characters) written according to the guidelines provided.

Every month, we will send you a list of keywords. Each keyword comes with a link to an article. Please pick up any 1 keyword to write 3 articles per keyword, around the rest keywords two articles should be written.

The keywords need to be naturally embedded and make sense to the context of the article. You also have to do a little search on the site to check if there are the same topics in order to avoid the duplication of the content. It’s very important that the article to be new.

All in all there should be 30-50 expert articles based both on the provided and on randomly chosen keywords.

Being an expert in one of the spheres I would need your picture and a short bio to put on the site.

The potential is there to have a long term collaboration over many months.

Please quote your price based on the long term partnership.

Skills: marketing, management