Russian specialist required

Russian specialist required


Job Description

Hello all,

I am looking for a contractor who has worked with Sape.Ru in the past and who is a fluent Russian speaker.

Note that I have used google translate already, so it's not a problem to navigate around the site, it's the understanding of the sytem that I'm looking for.

I have an account at Sape.Ru, but I do not understand the complexities and I want someone who has worked with Sape.Ru in the past to help me set up a number of campaigns.

In particular:
-How to submit articles/news that will remain on the target site permanently
-How to filter sites and run campaigns automatically from the filter

I'm looking for someone to help walk me through the process, so there would need to be a bit of research from you to begin with (there are a lot of guides but unfortuately for me they are in Russian so I can't auto translate them!)

It would be an hourly rate, until I am proficient in the system.


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